Comic Drama Podcast? is a podcast discussion what’s up with comics. Hosted by Ed and Michael, the guys discuss topics ranging from individual character histories, major cross-over events, comparison between movies and comic books and why comic books can be weird, crazy and fun.



Ed David began reading comics at age ten, starting with Spider-Man and X-Men. Many years later, Ed still reads Spider-Man and X-Men comics but now with a mortgage and college debt.

Ed’s favorite Marvel Super-Heroes are the X-Men, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ed’s favorite DC Super-Heroes are the Teen Titans, Harley Quinn and Stephanie Brown.

Ed is also a Squirrel-Girl fanboy.

Michael grew up in the late 70s and early 80s, the best time to be a kid. Started reading comics when the 1989 Batman movie came out and has stuck with Batman ever since. Even now, still gets a bunch of titles and with his wife has a collection room full of Trades, Magic, Role-Playing books and Manga, which the Comic collection is too big to fit into that room.

Michael’s favorite DC Super-Heroes are Batman and Dr. Fate.

Michael’s favorite Marvel Super-Heroes are Sue Storm and The Thing.

Honorable mention to Kitty Pride.



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